Concierge Service

Welcome to our “ Concierge Service”

We take over the complete marketing of your cars on the following

– Instagram
– Facebook
– Primeauto88
– WeChat (China)
– (China)
– (China)

Professional pictures and car presentation
Targeted worldwide marketing of your high quality car inventory (B2C & B2B)
All inquiries are processed by our Concierge Service staff up to the final customer appointment at your location

More sales through greater reach! +3.000.000

Concierge Condition:

The listing of your car is free. You only pay a referral fee for actual sales generated through our Concierge Service

B2C: 2,5% ⇔ B2B: 2,0%

from 3 cars 

B2C: 2,0% ⇔ B2B: 1,75%


***For a discrete transaction*** offers special unique cars for collectors and car lovers around the world.

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